Dean Avdalas

Konstantine "Dean" Avdalas has been dancing and directing at FDF for 31 years. His passion and love for Greek culture has grown over this time leading him to develop exemplary skills as a dancer, director, choreographer, and researcher. His main areas of research and interest include Epiros, Sarakatsan villages, and Megalo Monastiri (refugees residing in Neo Monastiri, Domokou, Thessalia). 

Specifically, he has presented groundbreaking work with the Albanian border villages of Northern Epiros and the customs of the Dodekaimerou in Neo Monastiri. His knowledge of Greek folk culture encompasses dances, songs, customs, and costuming. Over this time, he has been involved with FDF, he has amassed a vast collection of field research and music from all areas of Greece. 

He served as judge at the HDF in the Metropolis of Atlanta since 2011 and at the FDF in the Metropolis of San Francisco (2013). His greatest source of inspiration and drive for Greek dance excellence and preservation are his mother and father (may their memories be eternal).


We are excited to welcome Dean back for his 3rd ANOIXI Workshop teaching us the songs and dances from Metsovo, Epirus.

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