Christos Papakostas

Dr. Christos Papakostas is a scholar, master dance teacher and percussionist. He was born in Larisa (Thessaly). For the past 20 years, he has served as a folklorist, choreographer, dance instructor, and percussion instructor for multiple performing groups. He has undergraduate degrees in physical education and sport science with specialty in Greek traditional dance; his dissertation focused on dances of the Roma (gypsy) community of northern Greece. 

He has published and presented numerous studies on Greek dance, music, and folklore; has taught at multiple universities in Epirus, Thessaly and Crete;and was the author and editing supervisor for the chapter on “Traditional Greek Dance” in the PE textbook published by the Ministry of Education for use in Greek high schools. He served as artistic director of Lykion Ellinidon Dramas (Macedonia) and in several folk dance groups in Karditsa and Larisa (Thessaly) and Komotini (Thrace).  

Presently, he lives in Ioannina and is on the faculty of the Department of Traditional Music at the Epirus Technological Institute. He is also executive director for the Cultural Association of Perama (Epirus). Christos is well known in Hellenic circles in Europe and Canada and has taught at dance seminars in Belgium, France, and the U.K. He served as a dance judge in February 2012,2013  at FDF in  Anaheim, California and HDF 2018,2019 in the Metropolis of Atlanta. He also recently landed a job position as a lecturer at the University of Athens on the subject of Greek Traditional Dance. 

We are excited to welcome Christo back for his 2nd ANOIXI Workshop teaching us the songs and dances from Xiropotamos & Monastiraki, Dramas. 

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